Centrifugal Stripes

“Centrifugal Stripes” Oil on Canvas 36 x 36”

“Centrifugal Stripes” Oil on Canvas 36 x 36”


This is the most recent example from my “Kaleidoscope Series” which I've been pursuing off and on for quite a few years. I painted this one using only two colors, thalo green and cadmium red deep, along with white, of course. Together they make a rich black shading to grey that is warm and pleasing. I start by drawing a circle on my canvas and then dividing it into eight sections. The most difficult part is selecting a pie-shaped segment from an overall photo of  striped fabric (in this case, one of my old shirts) that will create a pleasing composition when repeated.

I then trace and flip, trace and flip until I've drawn the image eight times. I don't employ any digital assistance. Everything is done by hand. Any imperfections are welcome because they are evidence that the image is hand created.

To me, the kaleidoscopes are a symbol for the centrifugal force that creates matter out of mostly space. It's the gravity that holds us to earth and the keeps the planets spinning around the sun. The bonus comes from their symmetry and beauty.


Cyndi Burt